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Ok, so usually i update at night but i just wanted to update real quick.
So its my day 10 morning and i just did the whole regime. i decided to use 1 1/2 pumps of the original moisturizer just because id rather stick with the regime for now until it works and then switch it up. also ill be putting makeup on today so that should cover the yellowness.

my skin is starting to be really sensitive. No flakiness or itchiness really, but when i put on the BP and moisturizer it stings and feels like i have a bad sunburn. touching my face makes it sting a little bit. around my eye i think i got too close with the bp because i have a red mark where the bp is. it stings.

anyway, i just wanted to update that my skin is finally being irritated. I'm kinda happy about that because it makes me feel like the regime is working lol. on the plus side, the left side of my face is CLEAR, the right side has a couple of pimples still but my forehead and chin are clear too witch is crazy!!!! ok, talk to y'all tonight :)


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