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OK so, i have some confessions...
i haven't been following the regime EXACTLY and i hope i didn't ruin the regime for myself. tell me what you think...
i usually gently wash my face for about 15 seconds, not 10.
I've been popping my whiteheads that are coming to surface :((((
sometimes i scratch my nose a little bit so it exfoliates a bit. (but i almost never get pimples on my nose.)

I'm going to try to be even MORE gentle with my skin and try to follow the regime exactly.

IRRITATION STATUS: My skin felt kinda irritated today. Like i had a slight sunburn on my face. Not unbearable. there isn't really flakiness, more like dead skin that needs to be exfoliated. I think I'm doing a good job of trying to stay extra hydrated and moisturized rn. under my chin can get realllllyy itchy sometimes. my skin is a slight pink all over. 

PROGRESS SO FAR: Pretty much 90% of my skin is CLEAR. AGAIN, i still have scars and discoloration, but there are no pimples!! (except for a small breakout around my chin).

UPDATES: SO, this is what happened on my day 9 today... in the morning i did the regime, using 1/3 of BP then i used the cetaphil moisturizer so my skin didn't look yellow and i didn't have to wear makeup. first off, i felt SO greasy. i used so much translucent powder and my face was still greasy. ALSO, THE YELLOW TINT DIDNT GO AWAY. Maybe its because i used jojoba oil with my cetaphil moisturizer????? idk. but i felt so insecure. I went out without makeup anyway and someone asked me if i was sunburnt. I felt so ugly and embarrassed so right when i got home i tried to put some foundation on, only i still have my translucent powder on and the whole thing just looked disgusting. I couldn't take it so i slightly washed my face with 1 pump of the cleanser, put some cetaphil moisturizer on and then put foundation and makeup on. I was trying to be extra soft with my beauty blender and brushes on my face. PROS: I could tell my skin did improve!!! it looked so smooth! CONS: i had to be a bit more rough when removing makeup, and i hope it doesn't affect the regime. I got a face wipe and wet it with some water and just dabbed it all over my skin to soak it, then gently gently wiped off my makeup. then continued the regime as usual.

QUESTION: i think I'm going to use the regime moisturizer and jojoba oil at night, and then the cetaphil (and jojoba?) in the morning and wear makeup in the morning. Do you guys think that will be ok? do you think i should wear the regime moisturizer in the morning too? will the cetaphil one affect the regime? have i already ruined the regime for myself??

i really need clear skin. i really need this regime to work I've tried everything :( 


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