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WEEK 2-monday



(Day 8)
so, today I'm doing 1/3 BP. I think tonight i accidentally put on too much bp.... i hope thats ok 

I wore a light bb cream today, and noticed SLIGHT flakiness around my mouth. i really don't want to wear makeup, but i look weird with the yellow tint!! someone commented and i think ill look into getting the cetaphil moisturizer. Maybe ill wear that in the morning with no makeup, and the acne.org moisturizer at night. 

Right now i have the bP on and under my chin is itchyyyyyy. i also started using the jojoba oil in my moisturizer. my breakout around my chin has shrunk and besides that, I've had no breakouts on my face! (knock on wood) i can't wait for this 1st month to be over so i can start using the AHA to go for a smooth, clear complexion that will fade my acne scars. So far, this dryness isn't awful. (KNOCK ON WOOD) hopefully using the jojoba oil early will help me in the long run.


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