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so STILL no irritation. Im worried I'm doing something wrong? It says in the first week you should expect thickness, dryness, irritation but my skin is fine. Anyone know if this is normal?

This morning i did a pea size of BP and tonight i did a 1/3 fingers length of BP. My left eye stung a little bit when i put it on. My top lip and under my nose itch just a tiny tiny bit. But still no dryness or flakiness.

I think I'm going to continue the 1/3 Bp only at night for 1 day or two, and if my skin can still handle it i will do 1/3 BPtwice a day (thats what you are supposed to move onto in the second week.) Maybe my skin can handle a lot more chemicals then i thought??

My skin feels tight. and i SOOOO BADLY WANT TO EXFOLIATE. i can see SO many white heads on my cheeks and nose and forehead, i want to use one of those black charcoal masks that pulls out tiny whiteheads. 

Anyway, please comment so i know if I'm doing something wrong? 


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