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current routine and thoughts

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oily skin, acne for 12 yrs, been on retin a for 6 yrs, cystic acne

simple miscellar water
stridex pads - red box
rinse with water
dr carver's miracle repair serum
mizon snail gel cream
shea oil with tea tree oil
cerave am or blue lizard sensitive if going outside

simple miscellar water to remove makeup and sunscreen, skip if not worn
cerave hydrating
retin a micro .1 gel
dr carver's miracle repair serum
mizon snail gel cream
cerave in the tub
shea oil with tea tree oil

some nights i skip retin a and use alpha hydrox AHA lotion 10%

colloidal oatmeal mask 1x
bentonite clay mask 1x

notes: i bought humphrey's redness reducing witch hazel on ebay for $4. it's on the way. i remember my skin was better when i used witch hazel. it will be here in a few weeks. i'm also considering getting some bp gel if i keep breaking out. not sure where i'Lloyd fit this in my routine! iremember my skin was better when i used this! i have to buy some more soon.

i have whiteheads + cysts scattered all around my face: forehead, temples, chin, and cheeks! i recently upped my retin a dose and i wonder if i'my purging from that. it'seems been a month! i am using the strongest dose with no side effects and it's not helping. time to add BP? what can i do?

i'm depressed and don't take selfies lately

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