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first ten days of caveman

I have been fighting acne since I was 16 or so- sometime in the high school. In the beginning I didn’t care much and it was quite ok, but getting worse – ten I got some cleansers that made it better after every use. But Then after some time it was really drying – around second year into it. Around that time I also got scars on my temples, almost not anywhere else.
When I was 20 or so I switched to natural versions of everything. Since then my acne got better and when I cleaned it I would even look like I have no acne at times. But my back and chest acne was always quite bad and much worse than the face.

I became researching into acne recently more than ever, I improved my diet, I exercise regularly, but not excessively. I used to exercise a lot for half a year around a year ago which helped my acne a bit more but still not cleared it but then I had to eat too much in order to maintain my weight because I also have moderate digestive issues. I am sure it is correlated because in periods when I had good digestion my acne was also much better (100% clear on a good day)
before going caveman I always had to clean my face twice or more times a day – although I recently was washing my face only with 100% natural cleansers or with things like green tea – it wasn’t drying but my face would get oily by the end of the day and probably bring a few pimples.

I welcome any thoughts or remarks

Day 1 Started on Friday evening – first evening not hard because I had just showered so I didn’t have to skip much
(note: I am spraying salt and probiotics on face and body- sort of a cheating I hope- should help the good bacteria establish and stay there and be there quick after any intrusion(it did help my body acne a little (salt) in two days)
I don’t know if that is a good way to do it but there is a product that promotes skin bacteria and it includes salt

Day 2 Saturday – I had football so I didn’t do anything except shower after – I wiped my face with a hand to get off greasiness – might have prolonged the beginning- also in the evening I popped two whites on forehead- probably bad idea since on Sunday I got three new ones

Day 3 Sunday – got 6 or 7 more throughout the day – about the same as with my old regimen but none of them seem too harsh and if I wanted I would pop them all out easily – probably easier than normally
also popped two on my body – today no shower, no nothing – water touched only a bit around mouth due to brushing – should try to be more gentle with that one too (later on I started making my own toothpaste or brush with coconut oil only)
going to sleep with a greasy face – but not that greasy I can say already – after more than 24 hours since last washing – also leaving sunblock on – they say better than washing it off and also I get some protection right
the rest of the skin where I don’t have pimples – everywhere except around mouth and on chin looks better – more even

Day 4 Monday – although I didn’t have a shower the day before, as I said more than 24 hours – in the morning my skin wasn’t that oily – it was more oily than it would normally have been but.
So in the morning it was better than the day before- about 3 new pimples but the ones from day before were healed-ready to fall off(I had put jojoba oil on the forehead spot where I had had three of them)
in the morning I did my sprints – after that I showered and let water on my face for 10 seconds or so but didn’t touch – I still have residue of sunblock from Saturday and I am going to actually leave it on and get benefits of sunblock without putting it on.
the face is itching – it looks much better than it would normally but it is really itchy all the time – normally I would probably just cleanse it and it would be ok for a few hours – now I will go and spray some salt water or probiotic water on but it doesn’t help much

I still think this way of cheating is the way to go- helped my back acne- still is helping It – I have got maybe two or three new small pimples on my back and chest combined and the rest looks smooth and rested

It still not perfect – at home I have a water filter and think that could be helping especially now doing water only –

My hair is great – not having washed for maybe a week and it is not getting any more oilier – only problem is that when I scratch it i pick up a lot of build-up from the scalp – I think that will become dandruff if I do it too often which I kind of do
my nose is still good – only on the left side I got a little pimple but ok – the rest look congested and is itchy but nothing actually happens – normally I would get on average 1.5 pimple a day there
today I checked the back of my neck – not bad but I thought It would be better since there is nothing sticking out or painful – probably is even a scar – that will get better however with no poo routine
also neck is really nice – as well as around ears – and sides of forehead – is just brown and even except for one pimple on each side of the neck – around 10 days old – but getting better

Day 5 Tuesday
we went on a trip – sweating, not resting, wearing a cap
I had three new big whites from the morning above my mouth and one bellow, as well as one on the side
that was horrible – but I didn’t touch it and by the end of the day I had two more and these were really big
by the end I really stung but since we came back at 22.30 I didn’t shower, anything

Day 6 Wednesday
those from yesterday subsided – I could scrub them off immediately
but I have got a two under my mouth that are inflamed from under and one on a temple – scary
but body acne is better than previously – black heads are just going up and ready to fall
skin texture and evenness is getting better
I am going running now so after I will let water on my face and also in hear so I hope I will look ready to go out(as if)

Day 10 Monday – 5 days since last post
much better now – I have been showering daily but I don’t wipe my face, only let water on the face for 5 second or so
my hair is not pretty bad, still picking at it and the dandruff seems really bad – wasn’t that bad until after yesterdays’s football match
since the beginning I have been thinking about this a very often – like 2 hours a day – but among people I really feel more confident than I have in months – despite my 3 whiteheads that even my friend pointed at. So I am also growing out my beard – my facial hair is not perfect but after initial itchiness it seems much better everyday – the worst it was on Saturday after the party
since the regimen I feel like I am in control of my acne and life in general,

Tuesday day 11
Just like ainother day, in the morning I got one or two whites on my chin – normal stuff but they are ok.
it is better every day – my skin is not flakey, is just even and even on the temples it is only better than yesterday.
my problem now is that although I am really confident now, I still keep thinking about it and I am anxious to see the improvement – fortunately, unlike most anything in the past it is helping so my confidence doesn’t go down with it but still it makes my thoughts busy.
yesterday I had a busy day working and after that went running – that was the only water on my face
showers with the filter seem much better for my hair so I think it does help-I bought one for about 20 dollars from china.
my face is always itching – I actually pop forehead and chin pimples by clenching and moving my face muscles the way it wrinkles and makes pressure and pops the pimple. I think it is not ideal by my restlessness just doesn’t go away overnight.
now in the evening I think, I get a few, like 2 whites more throughout the day. It just takes more time, they are mostly ok, but also they appear at the place where I move the mouth muscles.

Day 12
again a few more pimples throughout the day- I think about 4 altogether
also there is the dead skin finally building up at places where I have or had acne – the color is yellowish. No build-up at places where I didn’t have acne but I imagine it would take hundreds of cotton balls to clean
Pimples that come up go away quickly- within one day but new pimples keep coming up almost the same rate as before


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day 12
now after shower I have noticed that the area under my mouth is quite red, it is definitely due to the clenching and popping (although without using hands) so I think that is where I need to improve before I can completely clear up

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Monday day 16
so it's been more than two weeks now and I feel good. But, the pimples are still coming up. Now only around my mouth and mostly under the mouth. The forehead is good, doesn't even seem too clogged. my face is quite dirty still, nose clogged and very greasy. 
so although getting better, I think that under my mouth i would always have acne there since water gets on there. 
Regardless, I am now going to go full caveman, after exercise even I try not to get water on my face at all- I did it today except for water from my hair when it dripped. Heard that it is possible to not shower ever. there is a guy who doesn't wash and you don't even smell bad after a time. So to get my back and chest acne go away I will try to get as little water as possible. I am already seeing results but there are still spots that repeatedly get pimples and unless I create that acid mantle it wouldn't go away

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Friday day 27
so it's been almost a month,
I am changing the regimen all the time
I am no poo since the start - my hair looks good but on touch it is a little greasy, no dandruff or itching, 
now I have been two days without a shower, even after exercise
my chest and back acne is getting better - but also because of the sun, I am getting tanned and maybe that is part of it
I am planning on going without shower for longer except when I go out, which is only two or threee times a week, and I don't have a girlfriend (no wonder you might think)
i don't do anything to my face except sometimes stroking my beard - it's growing longer and it's not so itchy anymore
last week I got a big rash of acne around my face and on my chest (I had made the salt spray too concentrated and now from dead sea salt instead of himalayan - it was horrible, i got like 15 little whites around my mouth and nose. I stopped using anyting at all since and now  my face gets one or two whites a day - which go away within the same day or overnight.
also my face is a little bit dirty but very even at places that would be reddish and uneven.
as I said in the beginning I have visible scars on my temples but they are now getting better. I think they are not going to go away completely but I am going to undertake one laser treatment on that in winter. I think that when my face is naturally a bit oily (the acid mantle) it will help healing much better. I am on ketogenic diet now also and think that the fats and reduced carbs will help healing. I have done the laser treatment in the past like 5 times already but then I was rushing to scrub the wound off as fast as possible - like in 6 days instead on  leaving it there till it goes on its own.
anyway I feel good about it and i feel that it gives my face a layer of protection against the environment. It 

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day 38 wednesday
as I have been seeing the benefits of caveman, I have got really extreme.
Now I shower only once or twice a week before I go out. otherwise I don't do anything at all. after exercise I let the sweat dry, and it doesn't stink except for underarms which i sometimes wash. 
Acne on my face is still the same- getting better, clearer and more even but sometimes I get a pimple or two. on some days I get none. When a pimple appears it goes away in 24 hours.
I am quite happy about it all because doing this I know that whatever my situation I know that doing nothing is the best thing I can do. My life is much less stressed. I have finished  with no poo- I wash my hair every time it feels greasy with  a skin friendly shampoo.
It looks now like I have hit a plateau because last 14 days it hasn't changed the way pimples come up. but others say you need to wait up to three months, but even if it doesn't cure me completely I will not change it because whatever treatment I used , nothing would clear me anyway. 
now I have read also about supplementation and most doesn't help and even too much zinc (which is 1 tablet already) can cause loss of other minerals. So I am sticking to keto diet plus fish oil supplement plus astaxanthin. 
just about that- except for 2 days when I felt sick , out of 20 days on keto my digestion is awesome, I am on the same weight but i have now from 15 % of body fat to about 11 % subjectively speaking

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day 57
second month coming to an end and I must say it is about the same as it was a month ago. Like it was a month ago, I get some pimples from time to time but they go easily away, I also get the pimples after I have been drinking which I do once, twice or three times per week. other than that I sleep well, exercise well and eat well. after I turned caveman even on my body back and chest acne got much better, and it is better everyday. 
I am not planning to stop drinking, but when I do for more than 1 week I will post about it. Also, I am not expecting to heal completely anytime soon, but when I do I will post about it. Otherwise I will not post much now. 

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