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Change in Lifestyle!



Hi again!

This is what I've seen/heard people say can help clear acne so far:
  • Drinking water
  • Eating a lot of fruits/vegetables
  • Removing dairy from diet
  • Zinc supplements
  • Exercise

I've also seen a video about a study where people with acne had less vitamin A, D & E, than people without acne. People with severe cases of acne had even less vitamin A, D & E. If this can be applied to the general population then I can see how eating a lot of fruits and vegetables would help clear skin as at least vegetables often have a lot of vitamin A & E. I don't know any vegetables or fruits with vitamin D though.

So my plan is to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle for the coming month of June to see if I get any results :)

This is the rules I made up that I will try to follow:
  • Drinking at least 2 litres of water everyday
  • Eating 500 g of fruit/vegetables/berries everyday
  • 8h sleep
  • Taking Zinc and Copper supplements
  • Running/walking 1 hour per day (also to get that vitamin D from the sunshine)

If you have a lot of zinc in your body and a small amount of copper it can block out the copper, same thing can happen the other way around, therefore I'm gonna take both zinc and copper supplements. The zinc tablets that I'm gonna take contains 20mg zinc and the copper tablets contains 2mg copper. So the zinc-copper ratio is 10:1. You can look up more about that by searching "zinc coppper ratio" if you want. It's important to take these tablets with a meal as at least the zinc tablets can make you feel very nauseous if taken on an empty stomach (from what I've heard). I've also seen that you should take zinc in the evening, I don't know why, but that's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to take the zinc and copper tablets with the same meal.

I'm not going to remove dairy from my diet. If I don't get any or not satisfying results I may do it later.

And remember I'm NOT a doctor or dietician of any kind, so the things I say here can be horribly wrong :) but this is what I think.



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