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UPDATE - 1,5 months on The Regimen!



Hello again!

It's been about 1,5 months since I started using the regimen with the acne.org products. I've done it everyday, except for 2 days in week 4. After I missed only 2 days of doing the regimen I got a LOT of small little bumps on my forehead, where I haven't had a lot of acne before, so that was a little sad. Some of the small bumps are still there now 2 weeks after, but I can tell they're going away.

So this is the results I got by using the acne.org regimen for 1,5 months: (hopefully you can see the before and after pictures down below)

I'm NOT gonna order the acne.org products again at least not now and probably not in the future. I bought the 16 oz sized bottles of cleanser, BP and moisturizer and the 8 oz jojoba oil and the 6 oz aha+ glycolic acid (I bought the big kit+), so I knew that it was gonna cost some money.
The big kit+ cost 112,73$. That's already a lot of money, but I believed in the regimen so I bought it, then the shipping to my country cost about 42$ and then I had to pay for customs and a bill from my post service that was about 48$, so in total I spent about 203$ on the products, which to me is a LOT.

The products DID help me with my acne. Not as much as I had hoped for, for that price. I was also a little shocked that just missing a just a few days of the regimen can give you such a backlash.
I still have the redness and the flakeiness of the skin, though a little less than week 2-3.
I did like using the jojoba oil on my lips, because it helped me and I usually have very dry lips, but then again I could probably have used coconut oil or olive oil and that would have been a lot cheaper.
I haven't used tha aha+ much becuase I didn't like the way it felt but I might give it another try.
The regimen didn't give me any kind of confidence boost about my skin. In week 2-3 I was a lot more self conscious about my skin because of the redness and the flakeiness.

Right now I'm gonna start using less and less BP (using less and less BP the way you use more and more BP when you start the regimen) so I hopefully can quit when the bottles are empty without breaking out like crazy :)

I'm going to adjust my diet and start taking some supplements in hope of finding a cheaper way to clear my skin than buying the acne.org products. But more about that in a another blog entry because this one is starting to get really long!

See you guys later!

TL:DR; The acne.org products did help clear my skin somewhat, but are way to expensive for me (the results are not worth the price), so I'm going to try other things to clear my skin, more about that in another blog entry!








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