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Week 8 Lymecycline & Differin



On week 8 there isn't one part of my face that doesn't have a spot on it. I think my new moisturiser has bought me out in spots so I have stopped using that. I have also started drinking water a lot more so maybe that will help. 
week8.jpegweek8 (1).jpeg


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using retinoids can be a a very up and down process having been on them a lot over the years and spoken to countless people on them.

Keep your head up and see what happens in the coming weeks maybe by week 12 if you are not happy/ there isn't much improvement ask for a change - epiduo might help it has the adapelene part as well as bp.

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@fadedjay Thank you, yes I have noticed my skin is up and down throughout this treatment. I have a doctors appointment next week so i'll see what they think and I may stick to it for the full 12 weeks and see if theres any change. Thank you for the suggestion for a different treatment!

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