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2nd month with accutane - DONE!



This past month literally flew by. It was insane. I'm graduating from college in ten days, and - I can't believe I'm saying this - I have perfectly smooth, acne-free skin now. I cannot believe it. This is too good to be true. Today I had to film a video with a bunch of friends for a class, and I was scared to death when sitting in front of the camera in a so well-lit room. I thought my skin would look horrible, but it didn't. My skin glowed in the video. I am so happy.

I defended my thesis last week. Standing in front of all the people from our department, I was fearless. I knew I was beautiful, and after I was done, so many people, including professors, came to me and said, that was a fabulous defense. 

Side effects really haven't gone too bad. I was on 40mg/day for a month, and 60mg/day for a month. In the second month I started getting gum bleed everyday when I brushed my teeth. There's was not too much blood at all, and I know that this is normal, because accutane is known to cause inflammation. My lips are chapped, but not too severely. Other than those, I do not have any negative side effects at all. I am so happy with the drug, and I'm getting my 3rd month refill (60mg/day) tomorrow. 

If you're reading this, I assume that you're either on accutane, or considering going on accutane. This drug literally worked wonders for me, and I 100% recommend it. However, do check with your doctor, and be serious about it, because this is a really harsh drug. Everyone reacts to it differently, and I'm just lucky to have a body that could handle it with ease. 


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15 hours ago, Cecek said:

Did you notice any increase in the side effects when u switched to 60?

yes. i never got any gum bleed when i was on 40mg/day. also, my hair totally dried out after i switched to 60, which is not a bad thing because i love not having to wash my hair with shampoo every single day.

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i might switch to 60 by the end of this week (it depends on my lab results) but I worried that my skin will get too dry..

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