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Week 5



Skin is still breaking out particularly on my cheeks!! Keep getting this small little pimples on my cheek which take forever for to go! Seeing some signs of progress however with parts of my skin clearing up although I'm not holding my breath at how long iTll last! I hope it does but I'm still only 5 weeks in so certainly am expecting mor purging after reading other people's experiences. I have noticed this morning that there seems to be a decrease in the amount of oil on my face! Still a bit oily don't get me wrong but this morning i touched my nose which is normally super oily and I would say oil production decreased about 50/60% last night, we will see. I have been drinking 3 litres of water a day for the past week and a half snd I really do think it may have helped, even if it hasn't it makes me feel a bit healthier!!! As well as this dianette really seems to have caused my boobs to grow And always seems to be painful but that's not the worst side effect to have really!! I do feel like I am more hungry after taking this pill that's the only thing! But yeah anyway not doing too bad atm however I am still getting spots and breaking out.


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