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2nd week of roaccutane

So this is my 2nd week ( a little more actually), even though the side effects are kicking in I am still very excited!
I got 3 new pimples yesterday even though things were getting so much better the week before, no white heads just (kind of) small red bumps.

It seems like no matter how much I moisturize (i literally moisturize at least 5 times a day) my skin is still dry, yet its bearably dry and thankfully its not pealing or anything. I am currently using 2 creams, mainly I am using the cream that was recommended by my derm which is called ss4 cream and when I am feeling extra dry I use bioderma atoderm. Sadly when i apply foundation my skin looks way drier than it is, I am currently using Revlon color stay which apparently doesn't work for dry skin so when it finish I will try something else most probably I will switch to bb creams.
My lips on the other hand are very dry ! I am starting to believe no one can escape the lips dryness. I've been applying lip balm (I am using bioderma) and Vaseline almost every hours yet if I forgot to apply lip balm for an hour my lips crack and peal especially on the sides !

My scalp also is extremely dry, its very red and itchy and I am having a lottt of dead skin falling off it also feels like it kind of burns and its hot. I will ask my dermatologist about this issue in the next appointment since I find the it a bit unbearable, but I am assuming its very dry so I am considering apply an oil mask on my hair and switching my shampoo to something that is for dry scalp .Please I highly appreciate any recommendationsfor a good shampoo for dry scalp, I am considering trying out Dove since its very creamy..

Other than that I've been having a bloody nose, I constantly have dry as well as not dry blood in my nose. i solved this problem by applying olive oil into my nose using an ear swab. I am also having headaches but I feel like the headaches are related to my scalp problem so hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

lastly, on Saturday I went to the gym and I had a body pump class (weights class) . The class is considered intensive but I carried light weights since my derm advised me to stop playing sports. Everything went well and I didn't feel extra tired so I am glad I can keep going to the gym normally .

That's it for now, I hope the side effect don't get any worse than this :D.. I hope!

feel free to share any tips guys <3


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