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Day 19



So I have 2 pills left of my first pack and I'm going to skip the 7 day break on advice from my doctor. 

My skin is obviously still in the initial break out stage, like I feel quite crappy about it. I have about 14/15 spots at the moment, the problem I'm having right now is that my spots stay for ages and I feel as though that's what is making me feel worse about it as a lot do the spots I have have been there for about a week maybe more! 
Iv heard that month 3 is when people often start to see improvements so I guess I'm just looking forward to getting  that point ans I feel happier at the fact I have almost finished my first strip. 

I dunno nothing really different to report just that I'm still breaking out and  don't think oiliness has decreased much, maybe slightly but not enough for me to say definitively. 

Will keep updated.


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