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Accutane 1 Month



I cannot believe that I have not been to this site for over a month. I was really super busy with work, and honestly I was not so worried about my skin anymore. I just started my second month of accutane. Now I have only one active breakout on my entire face. One. It does not even hurt. It's just a big lump on my left cheek. I guess it was probably meant to be a full-blown cyst, but since my oil production was curbed, it did not break out as it normally would. 

I am so amazed by the result so far. I did not have an initial breakout. Or maybe I did not notice because my acne was just horrific when I started accutane and any initial breakout would have just looked like any ordinary breakout that I used to have. My skin now feel so smooth. I even enjoy washing my face now. I cannot stress enough how great it is for my face to not hurt when I wash it. I love the fact that my face would not produce nearly as much oil anymore. I love it dry. I normally would slather on ceraphil in the morning and then sunscreen then some concealer to hide my PIH and redness, and the makeup would not slide because there's no oil to "wash" it off. 

The doctor bumped up my dosage from 40mg/day to 60mg/day. I'm excited about seeing more positive changes. I'm also ready to deal with any potentially serious side effects, since it sure is a pretty harsh drug!


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Hi. I am considering trying this, but the only thing that scares me is the possible depression that might come with this. Have you experienced anything like that?

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I have pathological depression, but it started a year before I even considered taking accutane. I don't think the drug has worsened it in any way, because I actually feel much more confident now. Although I've only been on it for 40 days, I am completely acne-free now. I had really severe acne two months ago - I'm talking about at least 20 pimples along my jawline and on my cheeks. My face would hurt whenever I talked. Now I'm just generally mildly depressed. I would totally recommend this drug if you've tried other prescription drugs with no avail. It is life-changing for me. 

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