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Days 7 and 8



Days 7 and 8 are almost worse than 5 and 6 in terms of picking. :( I'm not really sure what triggered it, but my skin flared up and I guess I just started to pick at it without fully realizing I was doing it. So now I have a bunch of bright red and inflamed spots on my face. This is such a frustrating habit!! I feel like I need a shock collar thing for whenever I get close to picking my face, ugh. I don't know why I am so drawn to doing it!! it feels like I'll be doing this challenge forever. 

I know I am fully capable of stopping, though. I just need to keep on searching for a strategy that helps! 


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Do you remember at all what was going through your mind right before or while you were picking?
For me I start to rationalize the decision. I start thinking that my acne is going to start clearing up and these are just the last pimples Ill have to pop. I also start getting really frustrated and will pop them as if to just kill the pimples, as if they are conscious that they are ruining my life. I can handle a couple of pimples on my face without picking them, but once too many show up my patience and self control runs thin and picking in a way seems like the solution when its not.

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Have you tried trimming your nails all the way down? I find this really helps me. Even if I'm guilty of touching, I'm not tearing my skin with my nails.

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