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Day Two on Bone Broth



Hi everyone! 

It is now the morning of Day Three and I want to update you all on Day One/Two.

Day One - managed to stick to just broth all day, apart from a small amount of coconut water in the evening which surprisingly really upset my tummy! Will avoid coconut from now on and attempt to reintroduce after my fast and see if I react again. Went to bed hungry which was so hard! Skin (unsurprisingly, its day one haha, looks the same)

Day Two - managed to stick to broth mostly apart from one avocado before my shift at work (which i allowed myself because they're generally safe, high in EFA's and omega-3's etc. and i didn't want to collapse at work!) and a bowl of chicken and veg broth from the shop in the evening. Realised after eating the shopbought broth that it had 2% pearl barley in which contains gluten. I am an idiot! On the bright side, when i took my makeup off in the evening my skin seemed to have calmed. No new blemishes, just old ones developing, which is a nice change. May be coincidence though - only time will tell!

Have also started taking L-glutamine and digestive enzymes, both for gut health, and drinking small amounts of water kefir (home made) for the probiotics. I'm also on supplement probiotics but i've read that water kefir is far superior so giving that a go.

So far, it does actually seem to be working!! But of course it is too soon to say for sure.

Will post back later xxx


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