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Week 2

umm my skin is not great. 
The breakout that I previously had has pretty much cleared up but I now have new spots, a few white head type spots on forehead and a few small spots on cheeks and then my chin is the only thing really bothering me at the moment to be honest! It started to clear up the other day (the huge cysts that I had on my chin) and as they were healing I kept touching them and I think it aggravated them and they became re swollen and infected, plus one completely new cyst on my chin which seemed to have formed from a previous one because it was literally touching it and then I kept touching it so it got huge and reinfected the one next to it and yeah so basically I just need to try and stop touching them and my skin because it's making it worse I think. 
My skin is deffinitley a lot worse since I first started it as the amount of spots I have had I didn't used to get before. 
I was thinking of just changing back to rigevidon but I know that it can take months to work and I may as well carry on. It's just annoying because it seems to be irritating spots that would never have come to anything before so quite disheartening.


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