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I think I'm on to something



So I've tried multiple soaps in the past few weeks that seemed to help with the stinging bumps but caused whiteheads around mouth (signs of perioral dermatitis) 
i went back to the zinc soap but twice a day now and it's really helped the Seb derm. My pores finally look clean and for the most part stay clean throughout day. 
As for the stinging red bumps, I believe I was right in suspecting it to be Rosacea which is also affecting my eye. I self diagnosed then visited the derm for a prescription to treat type 2 Rosacea. He prescribed ivermectin cream in a vanicream base. I used it for about a week and it really helped with the stinging bumps but as with the soaps this also is causing perioral dermatitis flare up. It's so difficult when you find something that works for one issue but makes another condition worse. If only something would work! I haven't been using it for few days and the dermatitis symptoms have stopped but now the stinging Papules are showing up. It's a catch 22. I heard through reviews that some people get worse before getting better. I'm thinking of restarting the ivermectin cream and sticking to it for longer in hopes that it will work. Will update with results.


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