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Day 2



Last night was hell. Zoloft, is my new worst enemy. I felt like I had every symptom I could have. Fever, chills, cold sweats, shakiness, you name it. I didn't like my complexion at all when I looked in the mirror. It hurt to see it so rough and uneven, after the shower it always looks better for a moment until the moisture fades and my skin returns to it's old self. Good news is there are no new cysts on my jawline still and for that I am thankful. I can't really tell if my pores next to my nose seem better or not but I feel like they are producing less oil, which is always a good sign. They are the worst and I would give almost anything to go back and never touch that damn topical. 

Unfortunately, turning back the hands of time are not an option. I washed my face with just water in the shower, except for my jawline where there are a few new tiny pimples. I used Neutragena Oil Free Wash on them and then used a towel to gently pat my face dry. I then applied a 10% BP ointment sparingly to any active bumps on my face; most are small but very red and noticeable. After a few hours they seem to have gone down, but I'm doing my best to leave my skin alone and not look in any mirrors. Sometimes I can't help myself, but it helps with the anxiety, which helps with preventing further breakouts.

After doing some research last night, I went on Amazon and purchased a few supplements to try after seeing good reviews. I won't get them for a week or two, so in the mean time I'll just continue being gentle on my face. I will keep you all updated as much as I can.



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