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Accutane day 1 (02/04/2017)



For starters my skin isnt looking terrible right now to be fair but before it did and I am now beginning my course of Accutane 30 mg for the first month and then going up to 60mg a day for the rest of the 4 month period woohoo. 
I am super super nervous might I add. 
I dont know what side effects will come with the drug. Who cares though right? 
Anywayyyyyy I have taken my first pill (well pills because it is a 10mg and a 20mg) and have woken up with no side effects at all. The dry lips thing was already a thing from skiing holiday so ye really nervous for the initial breakout but trying to not think about it too much because to be fair skin shouldnt dictate your life as much as it definitely does. 
Peace out
GG xx


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