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Day 1 Lymecycline & Differin



I started Lymecycline 4 months ago and it wasn't really doing much for me. So I went back to my GP who added Differin 0.1% Cream to my acne routine. My acne started when I was 17; I am now 19. It is mild adult acne, I have bumps on my chin and forehead, along with a few spots on my chin. I also have scarring. 
I want to keep this diary for myself and anyone else who wants to know what this routine will do, this is a new experience for me and I really hope that it will help my face. I'm a little worried about the initial breakout that Differin brings.
The photos below are day one, one use of Differin the night before this photo was taken. I used to use Proactiv+ for my cleanser routine for 6 months and it has done nothing for me, no better, no worse. I've now started to use a gentle cleanser at night, wait 30mins-1hour and then put the Differin on. 


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Hey, its actually going well, I thought the initial breakout was going to be really bad, but it actually wasn't and my face looks better :D 

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