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Day 3



So I forgot to take a pre picture. But I added more BP than I did yesterday, I think Im gonna slowly increase the amount day to day until I finally reach the recommended amount. Now when I added more I definitely felt my skin dry and sting a little in-between the process of letting the BP dry and putting on the moisturizer. I don't know why people complain about the moisturizer, if you tap it in and rub it in well, it WILL soak in. Its really lightweight and I really like it so far. Also when I applied the moisturizer there was a slight sting but that was expected, but it didnt hurt whatsoever. I also want to note while on the regimen my cystic acne has started to ripen and turn white and I still don't plan on popping them anytime soon. But one thing I did notice that one of my 2 deep acne scars on the side of my face on my hairline, has dug itself out a little bit! And that really surprised me! Im really happy about that pit becoming smaller. Also the redness that used to surround my pimples and acne scars have lessened and the red circles around them have gotten smaller. Im really enjoying the regimen so far!

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Also I make sure when putting on my moisturizer to look like a steamed dumpling!!! My face looks oily! But I feel like that it helps combat the dryness!

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