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Turning Point



So, in the past two weeks I've and two really defining moments for my skin. 

One happened late last week at work. A coworker came up and asked what I was doing to my skin because it looked so much better. Needless to say this meant a ton to me. Especially as I knew it wasn't empty as it was unprompted and from someone I'm not close with. I considered this a win.

And then there was today, also at work. I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I actually LOOKED in the mirror. I always, always avoid looking at my skin the mirror when I'm not at home. The harsh florescent lights never do me any good so I just don't.    But today I did. And then I looked closer. I got right up in there. And I was PLEASED with what I saw. I was happy. I wasn't disgusted or immediately forced to look away. I even took a selfie. No filter, nothing. Because if I can like how I look in horrible lighting, this is a day I need to remember. 

I am still on a journey. I still want to have my pitted scars dealt with, at least so I can look good whenever I manage to have a wedding (ha).  But I am so glad with the progress I've made and I am so glad I've started this journey. 

Don't let past failure with your skin get you down. Keep trying things. Learn what your skin will and will not tolerate. Don't submit yourself to just avoiding it forever. But most of all, don't let it consume you. No one sees your faults as much as you do. Take care of yourself and love yourself and the rest will follow. IMG_20170331_141358347.jpg


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