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Beginning of isotretinoin



I cannot believe it has been one month since my first visit to the dermatologist. I remember crying in my room on a Saturday night because of my ugly face and not being able to get any work done. I went to see the doctor on 2/8. I told her right away that I wanted to be put on isotretinoin. She looked at my face and said, I think it will work for you. But you will have to wait for a month to begin.

Here I am, exactly a month later. The needle wound on my arm from doing the blood work two days before is still a little sore. I'm headed to the dermatologist's office in two hours. My accutane journey will soon begin. I am very, very excited to start taking this drug. Although my acne now is not as bad as it was a month ago, I want to eliminate any possibility of it flaring up really badly again. I have been suffering for seven long years. It has done enough damage to my self-esteem and self-confidence. I am not going to let it beat me anymore. 

Will update on this site as often as needed to record my journey. Sometimes I would go back and read those posts that I wrote previously when I was using BP and natural remedy. I sounded so hopeful back then. I thought they would work with minimal damage to my body. But now I'm disillusioned. There's a price to pay. There's no way I could get clear skin without trading my health away. Fine I'll do it to counteract my cursed genetics. No big deal.


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So everything was good...except that when I arrived at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that they did not have accutane in stock. Great. I will have to wait until tomorrow - which is not that bad because it's literally just a day. Well I did get a little moody afterwards because going to the pharmacy is not the easiest thing for me. I do not own a car and walking takes too long. Often time I would call a cab but it means extra money. Oh well there is an actual price to pay...
I stocked up on chapsticks. Things are going to get real. 

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So I FINALLY got my first month's drug supply from the pharmacy. I'm so excited. This is finally going to begin. I'm still working in the library and I don't think I'll be done by midnight. It's okay. Taking the first pill will be like a religious experience for me. For the first time I decide to put myself through potential danger by actively taking a drug that is so harsh. I am proud of myself. 

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