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Week 5



This week has been interesting. It seems like the purging on my chin has definitely diminished and now I'm just left with a few pimples still healing and some marks that are quickly fading. I've also noticed that all of the closed comedones and clogged pores around my mouth and chin are gone now which makes me super happy to see some definite improvement! However this week my forehead has broken out like crazy in tiny inflamed bumps mostly in the center, in between my eyebrows and right on my hairline. They look so horrible and don't seem to pop at all. I've had a history of exzema and dermatitis from using acne creams in he past without much much so I'm nervous that much of he breakout is not acne at all and instead a rash type thing. However I might be wrong and this could just as well be the pores clearing out. If anyone has similar experience with differin breaking them out in one area and then another after the first clears I would love to hear it as I'm feeling bit discouraged seeing so many new little red bumps. However sticking to the cream and hoping that I can see great effects soon!

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I just realized you posted these a year ago lol. Do you have any updates?? How is your skin now?? If you see this it would mean a tremendous amount if you could reply.

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