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okay so i have had fairly clear skin all my life until the age of 16. my acne got really bad when i started a new school (mental health based) and i saw so many girls with makeup. some complimented my skin so as a way to keep up with that i started using face products (which i never did in my 16 years of life). i think using face products really *sorry or the language* fucked up my face. may be that, or it may not be. my face is really bad now and i cry everyday. i don't want to go to school anymore because i can't let people see my face. i have been absent these two last days and i went to the hospital last week as a result of a huge panic attack. i don't know what to do with myself anymore. i started to do the caveman regimen 2/3 days ago as a way to go back to when i had clear skin but my face is full with white thingies and flaky stuff and i can't deal with it. tomorrow i'm not going to school again and i'm scared, i don't want to miss school but i can't go. im going to see a dermatologist for the first time tomorrow, and i hope they're good and they help me get rid of it as sons as possible. 


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