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It's been nearly 2 weeks since my last post and at LONG LAST my perioral dermatitis has GONE! I have known all along that SLS is major trigger for PD and while I changed my face wash, tooth paste and moisturiser to SLS free brands I never even thought to change my shampoo and body wash!!! I had been using apple cider vinegar with ok results and although it cleared the bumps I was still dealing with the redness and dry patches where the bumps had been. I don't even know why I bought SLS free shampoo and body wash but within a day it began to clear. That was about 4 days ago now and I have no trace of PD on my face! 
I now use Nobles Zinc soap to wash my face and Cetaphils body and face moisturiser for my face. 

In terms of acne, I have absolutely no active spots at the minute with a small amount of PIH! I don't know if its worth saying that for the past 2 weeks I have been taking supplements: a multi vitamin, vitamin e 400iu, zinc and iron. I have read that vitamin e helps towards fading red marks and I have noticed that mine are fading although it might be too soon to tell. My skin is generally looking SO much better, especially now my PD has gone. 

I was also bumped up to 40mg a day as of Friday the 24th so I'm sure the side effects will be out in full force in the next couple of weeks. I'm really pleased with my progress at the moment and so happy to have my PD sorted! Never under estimate the power of SLS!!!


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