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natural approach which doesn't really help



So here is my story. I've been battling acne since the age of 18. Initially my acne was not too bad, i had few breakouts on my forehead, but still it made me feel very uncormfortable.I went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed  tetraysal antibiotic for almost 2 years, which has helped me a lot. No blemishes at all while taking it. I stopped taking it and my acne was under control until i got married at 22. since then my acne has changed. i started having small cycts on my chin. I' ve used a number of harsh anti acne lotions; clean and clear, murad, ZO skin name it. it helped me only for a bit. no success with cycts.  i gave birth in 2015 and after that my acne went crazy. i started having cysts on my cheeks!!!!! my cheeks used to be so beautiful and now they are covered by pimples and scars from them. So i've tried everything; dairy free diet, candida diet, gluten free diet, sugar free diet. nothing helped. i've tried doing accupunture, regular sports, drinking lots of water- nothing. i even went to see a naturopath and paid lots of money to get supplements and vitamins against acne. It does help but only a little bit, my acne is not under control. it gets worse when i ovulate and when i menstruate.  I am so against taking accutane, but sometimes i think it is the only option that i have... i feel desperate and ugly. my skin looks horrible. i lost confidence and i feel so sad all the time. i try to approach my problem by using natural and chemical free products, eating organic food... but it does not help. i am so depressed i don't know what to do


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I developed cystic acne on my chin and decided to go see a dermatologist about it. They asked if I also flared up around my mentrual cycle time and I do, so they said its probably hormonal acne. They prescribed me spironolactone and it worked really well for me. Its not a cure and it will probably come back if you stop using it, but while I was on it it worked perfectly.

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I feel your pain. I started getting acne with my first pregnancy and it hasn't gone away. Just getting worse and it's been 6 yrs. I have painful cysts on my chin too. I've seen a dermatologist and it did nothing for me. :( I did ask my PCP about spironolactone just this morning. He told me I'd have to change my diet. Being that I've been eating a lot of fruit lately because everything else makes my stomach turn, I can't take it.  

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I am actually having an emotional breakdown...it feels so horrible when my husband is looking at my face. i feel ugly. will try to speak about spironolactone..but i was really hoping that natural approach and diet will help. but it doesn't look so

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Same here. I know I'm ugly, not because the acne makes me but because I'm addicted to picking at it.  I'm ocd about it.  I pick and at it until that crap comes out. My face is covered in scabs and scars.  I don't think anything will help if it's due to hormones, which is what causes mine.  I hope you have good luck with the meds. If mine doesn't go away I might have to try Accutane. I think that's the one thing I haven't tried yet. 

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I've tried all those diets too, no results :( its so frustrating! it does sound hormonal though so maybe try DIM? Ive read amazing reviews or try accutane. I just ordered it. Im currently on accutane, no results yet but I know there will be. If its effecting you I think you should, you'll be glad you did in the end! Hope everything works out :) 

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