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Nearing the end of week 4



I'm nearing the end of week four and my skin is making loads or progress. Everything on my chin besides the one deep pimple is flat and healing redness. With makeup on it looks barely even noticible! I've noticed a large reduction in peeling in many places except where my problem area are - mostly my chin and the center of my forehead. This is good news as every time it peels, it gets smoother and less red. I let it peel for as long as I can and exfoliate about twice a week. Forehead is still purging out its last few small bumps but nothing big or that comes to a head. However the cystic pimple on my chin is taking longer to heal. After doing some research on what makes cystic pimples go down fast, I discovered destin - a baby diaper rash cream that's high zinc content supposedly helps heal even aggressive forms of cystic acne very quickly. I bought a tube at my local pharmacy for about five dollars and I have to say it's made MIRACULOUS progress on my post picking scab marks and even shrunk the pimple more! It is now much smaller in diameter and coming fast towards he surface. And that's only after one use! I will definitely continue with this stuff as I'm convinced it's helping tremendously. Overall happy with my results and can't wait for more to come in every next few weeks! Patience really is key. 


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