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Day 42- end of week 6 and on to week 7



My mindset is more positive even though my skin is worse. Im not sure why. But anyhoo, my skin has made me fed up if im honest. It is pretty damn bad and popping up in places im not expecting which is STUPID. 
So, my forehead feels a little less angry, my left cheek has erupted, my right cheek may have a couple coming through and my chin is red and spotty. Hairline is getting flared up again. 
It is all quite upsetting but it will be fine. At the end of the day it is only skin and it shouldnt dictate bloody everything. 
My mission for this week is to keep a more positive mindset. Be generally a more positive person and not let this dictate me. I know it is difficult when i feel unattractive but it is fine. Is it that bad to be ugly? 
All i need to do is get through this week and hopefully I will be fine. And then i get to go to the dermatologist and talk finally to a professional. 


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