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Diet and questions

Since I´ve started with the treatment, I´ve been thinking about my diet.

We are what we eat, aren´t we?

So, was it the reason why my hormones were imbalanced?

And I´ve realised that, when i was a kid and during my puberty, I was drinking TONS of milk. I´ve always like it, and I drank two big glasses a day, sometimes even more. And I was drinking a lot of Coca-Cola, too! Also, eating a lot of sugar in my diet.
So, I have this question now. I´m not a doctor, nor nutritionist, or anything like that.

Does milk make your testosterone levels increase? Is it true that it has male hormones? In woman, could it be the reason of masculine facial features,  hormonal acne, even Polycystic ovary syndrome?

I know that your genetics count, it´s obvious, but thinking that I could have been doing this harm to my body... It makes me angry. On the other side, I don´t know if this Internet theories are true! 

What is your opinion about this topic?



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