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I actually wrote this blog on my phone on the 8th February but just totally forgot to post.

My skin isn't changing too much at the minute. I was going to write a post on the weekend to say the rash around my mouth has cleared but it's come back up again, I think a lot of it has to do with lack of moisturise and so my skin gets irritated and a bit itchy. My face is pretty much clear apart from PIH and literally in the last day I've developed a big red spot on my cheek bone, it's been brewing for a while but it's now really red - not sore though! 


I was thinking this morning that I'm 2 weeks off being half way through my accutane course, I can't believe how quickly it's going. I'm a bit scared to come off and for my skin go back to how it was! I've been on accutane twice before and both times my skin has relapsed, not as bad as it originally was but the perfection that accutane gives you is not attainable. I need to just remember to not experiment too much with skin care and to just stick with what works for me. That is my down fall, my husband calls my beauty cabinet a pharmacy because there's so many skin products in it LOL! 



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