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Month 2, week 1, day 4



My skin is i think looking better. The ones on my cheeks are chillin out a bit and my forehead is feeling a little better. Will put a mask on tonight though and let my skin heal. Today i feel terrible so my skin feels worse to me but overall am feeling totally fine. 

Forehead: flatter 
Between eyes: they are coming out
Cheeks: better than before but scarring is still there 
Chin: filled with pesky small ones that cant be really seen but annoying 
Hairline: temperamental but doing fine 
Side chin: hormonal areas: on period so flaring up but they are fine too. 
Nose: blackheads forming 

I think the Epiduo is starting to work but the lymecycline still needs a while to kick in. My skin is not horrendous right now. Im getting away with it currently but soon that wont be the case. 

Will update at the end of the week 6 :)



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