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End of week 3: Differin/Acne Battle



Week 3 ended last Friday but I forgot to take pictures and was too busy to post anything so I took pictures today and am updating the blog (as you can see :))

Last week got a little rough after I posted my blog post. My hormonal acne flared up and I got two cysts.  HOWEVER things calmed down quickly and the cysts were gone within 2 days and a half.  Everything seems to be continuing to heal nicely. . . My period started so my hormones should be returning to normal, so I guess so should my skin haha. 
I ate some crappy stuff on the super bowl and am suffering the consequences of that - as you can see, I have a big zit on my temple.  Another zit appeared on my upper cheek bone and never came to head. I made a horrible decision and decided to squeeze it to force it to pop so now its just scabbing. 

All in all, I think things are continuing to be going down the right track.  Half way through the week I will have a scare of acne but then continue to put the         Differin on and things always turnout good in the end :)

I will try to post again on Friday or maybe on Monday.  I am always so embarrassed about the pictures that I post on here - for some reason my face always looks very disproportionate haha. 





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