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End of Week Two



Aloha and… hello.  So what is it, roughly week two? My skin is definitely improving.  The majority of it is clear(ish) apart from the bumpity bump bumps around my chin.  I don’t know if the clearing is due to anything new I have been doing, or if my skin is just having it’s one week of looking alright (it does this every month or two, it just clears up, I have no idea how, I’ve done nothing differently, and then it gets cloggy again.)

As for the aforementioned bumpity bump bumps around my chin… they’re still there.  The Tactuo has started its process of flaking and peeling the skin (oh, how I remember now.)  A couple of the bumps have gotten whiteheads and gone away, and a couple have just gotten flatter.  The flaking is controllable, I just wet the area with the dead skin in the morning and sort of “buff” it off before putting a heavy moisturizer on it.  I only apply the Tactuo at night, so my skin has a bit of a reprieve from it in the daytime.  

My charcoal soap has also arrived in the mail.  I’ve used it three times now (on alternating nights).  Can’t say I’ve noticed a difference either way.  My skin feels a bit tight after using it, but once my moisturizer sinks in it feels fine again.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t break me out, but I am well aware that my skin is capable of anything…

Boy isn’t this an exiting entry.  Pah.  Basically, I just have to play the waiting game for these whiteheads to excavate.  I’m going on a ski holiday (I feel like a twat writing that.  I am taking a several days off from my soul-crushing job and am skiing at a resort that isn’t the one in my town, where I plan on being drunk for most of that time is what it really is.)  Because of how harsh the Tactuo is, I may stop using it a day before I leave, and not use it for the skiing, since I don’t want the raw skin to be exposed to wind, and I also don’t want to deal with the sides of my face flaking off the entire time.  Hmm… yes.  Now to make a hot chocolate and procrastinate for the rest of the afternoon.  The hot chocolate is birthday cake flavoured.  I am excited.


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