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Tuesday 31/01/2017



This is Week 4 day 2 of Lymecycline and Epiduo 

My skin is shit. I woke up with a spot on my cheeks where i thought they were going. I was wrong 

My forehead is clearing up but my chin by my lip was it quite bad, I have spots fucking everywhere , little white under the skin ones 

Will they ever go away? getting me down a lot, urgh i hate my skin - This is how i felt earlier today

Now I am sitting in bed feeling slightly sorry for myself. Feeling exhausted but i big one on my cheek has appeared and im stressed because the cystic ones take fucking ages to go awayyyyy and I have so many social occasions to go to soon where I want to socialise and have a good time. 

One on my cheek by my lips is super painful and irritating
My forehead is far from clear 
I ate a shit dinner and feel guilty - a burger and chips - especially as my skin is bad i can not keep on giving in to my diet cravings because i deel with the consequences, it is so obvious. 

Will update at the end of week 4 to hopefully see some improvements 


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