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Changing to IUD before Accutane



So I've decided to try and switch from taking birth control pills to a copper iud. The two times I have been on birth control my skin has gotten a bit better while on it granted but I hate the way my body reacts to it otherwise. I get really extreme mood swings, night sweats, my sex drive is a lot lower and I have less body hair (this would be a great thing if my eyebrows and lashes weren't included). I don't feel comfortable with the idea of constantly putting hormones into my body over a long period of time considering it changes my body so much. I just don't feel like I'm myself when I am on the pill. The only thing stopping me from switching is my acne. I know that once I switch my face is going to blow up. I know I am going to switch at some point I am just not sure when. I'm starting accutane on the 9th and I'm not sure if I should switch while I'm on it or once I finish. My thinking is that if I switch while I am on it the accutane will deal with any break outs that are a result from the hormone imbalance and that by the time I get off accutane my hormones will have become stable again. I am afraid that if I wait until after I am done with the treatment that it will undo the effects of the accutane. I'm just hoping that my derm doesn't give me a hard time about switching BC during my treatment and my gyno is willing to fit me with a IUD considering I'm only 19.

Does anyone have any experience with switching BC while on accutane?


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