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Lymecycline and Epiduo



Acne diary


Day one 09/01/17 (new year new me) of Lymecycline 408mg - feel quite sick but i think its because I’m also coming down with a cold - haven’t started using epiduo yet but really excited to start using it. ahhhhh finally some form of change and I’m pumped. having cough sweets to make me feel less sick. The doctor said that i it will probably start working after about 2 months and after that i should come back to the doctor and get another prescription. I will update you tomorrow 


Day 3 - woken up and everything seems less aggravated. I have an active spot on my chin which is annoying and my skin feels quite dry but have ordered some moisteriser. 


Sunday 15th january 2017 - day 7

My skin is seriously dry like i don’t want to put on makeup at all. So frustrating. using cetaphil moisturiser but doesn’t seem to be helping. I will hopefully start seeing a difference in the next month. Need to eat healthily and going to the gym though which i am not but i don’t know how i will be able to go out with makeup on. Will update you in a week - so so flaky 



Monday 16th woke up with the ones on my cheeks coming out and it seems like they are coming out out

My skin is quite burnt but thats okay just as long as the epiduo is working. 

My skin today was quite oily. My makeup started to sweat off. It wasn’t the most attractive thing. I had to be in the cafe all day as well which was kinda peak. Polly has acne too so it was alright but felt quite insecure

Maybe i should start wearing bright lipstick

I just look over the top though

Really hope that after the next couple of weeks, the inflammation will go down, the dryness will stop and generally my skin start to clear up. I have a feeling it will though as i am only just over a week using it and thus need not jump to conclusions. If it was already working it would be a miracle but i don’t expect it to be working by now. In a couple of weeks i will reavaluate. 


Thursday 19th January

Acne is going down on cheeks. Hairline spots are quite painful but forehead has flared up suddenly>  really want it to go down and hopefully it will after exams

Annoying though


Sunday 22nd january - day 14

My one cheek is mostly clear 

my breakout cheek is i think mostly cleared 

my chin and forehead are a mess and I’m guessing it has something to do with the shit diet that i am on currently 

Really something i need to sort out. Im eating pure crap or eating nothing at all. I don’t have an eating disorder because i can eat food but its almost a fear that whatever food i am eating is making me break out. bad to the point that I’m only eating 1 meal a day and they aren’t good meals. Sometimes no meals at all. Its because i don’t eat breakfast. Basically I’m an idiot. Active spot appearing right between my eyes which is a pain. All hairline spots have gone woohoo


Day 18 - THEY ARE COMING BACK. I thought the ones on my cheeks were fucking gone and i can feel them coming back. I hate myself i hate myself> WHATTT THEEEEE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK - i just want them to go away. the lymeclycline is shit. Its not working and i can’t be asked anymore. Im just done with shit skin. Who cares anymore. The ones on the edge of my face are back. Really fucking frustrating. Nearly been 3 weeks and nothing is happening. Epiduo is still letting me breakout 

stupid creams. maybe it will change after 


Day 19 - the side ones are cleaning up - i think it was to do with unclean sheets. I have cleaned them so that tis good 

Forehead eruption and I’m going to the gym today and for the next week to fix this problem. My medication might begin to work soon but don’t trust that it will. Cheeks are coming back and that is a problem. Huge one on my chin. Maybe my period is coming soon though and that may be why, I would love it if it did. Maybe my diet is still bad. Im not making good meals. I am eating shit or nothing at all. What is wrong with me. Seriously need to get this fixed. Nearly the end of 3 weeks on the meds. Will update at the end of 3. 


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