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Intro to my Skin Journal



I only started to get acne when I was about 18 years old. I guess it was due to the shit I was eating but I didn't really care at that point because apart from the weight that I wasn't aware I was putting on, I was not showing visible signs on my face. The earliest recollection I have is being pale as fuck because I hadn't gone on sunny holidays in the last 3 years, and not being able to be completely clear of makeup when going to school (which was annoying because I didn't want to wear makeup) Anyway, then I went on my gap year and my skin got ANGRY. In the sense that I was still paler than I used to be and my forehead especially was just filled with dots. Loads and loads of dots.

My cheeks were always really clear though even amongst smoking excessively during school. Went to South Africa during my gap year and remember not being able to wear makeup because it would all sweat off and my skin was horrific. My skin was quite bad but the worst was my forehead. I couldn't understand it because i wasn't eating that badly. Anyway so I came back and my skin I think was a little better. You know getting some sun on my face helped alot. 

I then went to Israel and was super self-conscious about it. I tried to do loads of exercise, drink loads of water and was fed up that nothing was happening. The sun had not yet arrived and so i felt shit. It effected everything. Anyway, then the sun came and it took a long time but I wasnt really breaking out anymore but the scarring was badddddd (on my forehead) and then I went to spain during the end of the year - JULY 2015. My skin by the end of the holidays was AMAZING!!!!! I hadnt done anything to it though so was confused at why the son had magically fixed my skin so well. I was so happy and felt like I had taken 10 steps foreward.  

Then I came to university and my skin went to shit. My tan faded and I was unhappy, overweight in my opinion, and felt like a slump. When I went on the ski Trip my skin became great so excercise and fresh air definitely helped. Exercise was a huge component so I started doing loads and my skin cleared up drastically. Maybe around April 2016. I was also on the birth control pill Yasmin and it began to work after 3 months but i went crazy and so i stopped.

Then I went travelling during summer and my spots was quite bad at the beginning but decided to not wear makeup. I had dried out ones on my cheeks. I must emphasise that i didnt get spots on my cheeks until university and i think smoking had something to do with it but i quit and nothing changed. My mental health in first year university was not good. I was stressed and kept getting ill. it was not good. 

Anyway so i went to ibiza for a Yoga Retreat and then went to Thailand and Vietnam and my skin was glowing by the end of the trip. It was fun to come back being tanned and feeling good. I had lost weight and so started 2nd year uni feeling happy. My skin was so good. I could feel it getting worse though but i could cover it with makeup so i didnt care at all. I had a bad experience with a guy and my mental health really suffered and so thats when i started to get inflamed spots on my cheeks but only on my left side.  

This brings me to now. My skin is so bad to me that i didn't want to go and see my friends so i talked to my brother who suffered from bad acne and talked to my dad who also did. And went to the doctor. 

They have put me on Lymecycline and Epiduo and will get on to it on my next blog post. 



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