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End of Week One (ish???)



There is definite improvement in my skin, but there is also definite purging.  To put it in my mother’s eloquent phrasing, “Boy, you look zitty.”  I feel as if my skin would look a lot better right now if I didn’t have so many leftover red marks (story of my life.)

The whiteheads and blackheads on the right side of my face and staring to turn into tiny zits.  Which is good, that means they’re vacating, I just wish I could go live on a deserted island while it happened, ya know? Then no one would see me looking like Gollum for the next few weeks.  It seems like there are more whiteheads around the right side of my face than I previously thought, although I’m sure they were all there and now that they are coming to the surface they are just more noticeable.  I should also mention I have a smallish, under-the-skin bump right on my jawline.  I get these every once and a while, so I don’t really care.

Every morning when I wake up, I think “Hmm… yes, the skin is looking better”  and then after I shower later that day, I think “Hmm… yes, you are slowly turning into a gargoyle.”  So maybe my skin just slowly deteriorates during the day? 

I also have this weird blackhead/ingrown hair in my nostril. I attempted to extract it, and now I have a big white head in my nose.  Gah! How the yotz am I supposed to get rid of this thing?! Now I’m reading if you mess with them, they can kill you! Bah bah bah.  Death by nostril zit.  Seems fitting.  Imagine that obituary. 

The skin around my nose was feeling rather tight the past couple days (I’m not applying any acne products there, it just gets tight and dry when I begin to PMS for some reason.)  I used a Korean face mask, from the Creme Shop, last night.  After I took it off, I was rather meh about, but this morning the tightness around my nose was gone and my skin looked better than it had the past couple weeks.  So, I guess the mask did work, although these things are fucking expensive.  I was having a minor lapse of sanity when I ordered them online.  Everything was in US dollars, and even after the giant shipping they tacked onto the end of it, I still thought, “Okay, that’s not so bad.”  So I ordered them, and only then I converted the moneys from US to Canadian dollars and briefly pooped my pants.  I almost cancelled the order, but by then, the thought of those lush, juicy masks on my face we’re too alluring.  I think after these masks run out, I may just start making my own sheet masks out of glycerin, my heavy Cerave cream and maybe a couple other magical ingredients.  

Anyway, today I plan on doing more charcoal maskage and general clearing of the pores.  I just wanted to write down how my skin was feeling before going onto all of that, so I can see if there was an improvement or a… disimprovement.


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