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4 months!



Already 4 months! I havent updated in a while.. im only 1.5 boxes away from the end of this annoying treatment. 
I've been on 80mg a day for a while now. 
I will end this box (13) at this high dose and then the last one (14) only 20mg per day (so one more month) so my body gets used to not having the drug in it anymore. 
I did lose a lot of weight. I started off with 54kg/119lb and now im at 108-110lb (49-50kg) only by stopping the beer ingestion... by the end of the treatment i would have reached a cummulative dose of 155mg/kg if we take my initial weight or 168-171mg/kg with the new one. Hopefully i will not relapse..

I had 3 cysts. Big ones. They were half the size of the cysts i used to have but still very noticeable. They lasted ~2 weeks but i believe its because i had an awful stomach virus and not because of the hormones.

No (very) horrible side effects. Although i do get one thats making me very angry: my face is peeling and peeling and peeling. Even if i just gently touch my face, the skin falls. I cant wear makeup because it looks flakey! Its soooo annoying because it looks very disgusting. 
we are in the middle of the summer here, so being away from the sun has been a challenge with our +36C / 95F daily temperatures.. i look like an onion.. white and with loose skin all over.

*lips arent as dry as they used to be at the beginning. I put Aquaphor on them maybe 5 times/day and thats it. They only cracked once, at 10 weeks but it was just for a day or two. 
*my body hurts sometimes, but only when i spend several hours sitting
* no more nose bleeds
* oh, yes, i was forgetting something nasty: i had conjunctivitis/pink eye for THREE WEEKS!! It was very mild but so so so annoying.. i had it in both eyes so i looked like an allergic raccoon. 

Thats it for now 


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