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Day 44



Hi guys,

infection is clearing up nice but Im on second week of oral antibiotics to get rid of it completely. It’s been hard on the esteem, but I feel its only made me grow stronger and more courageous to attend classes with this all going on. Due to bacterial infection, I’ve been applying manuka honey on infected areas only every night for a few hours. I have been continuing with water only but tried something different this time. Due to infection, I wanted to keep it a little more cleanly so I’ve been washing my face the past two nights with salt water. Just enough to mimic natural sea saltwater, so that my face is getting a bit of an extra disinfectant boost. This is really working nicely, last night I did it for the first time all over my face and my skin 
didn't dry out from it. I’m no expert, but I feel if this is done is moderation (1-2x a week) it can keep germs at bay and give your skin that added refreshed feeling. I notice the oil on my forehead is slightly more today from doing this last night, but it seemed to clean out some stubborn blackhead nubs I was feeling the last week or two. I really cant comment on it yet though, I will be trying this out for the next few weeks and will update if I feel it adds a bit more oomph to the water only regimen.


Despite the initial purge/infection that started there along my Jaw, I want to stress that since doing the water only, I have not had any new breakouts the last 44 days. maybe a zit here and there by the hairline but thats about it. I really think this regimen + my relatively healthy diet (which I only incorporated full force in the last 12-14 days) has really helped my skin. I feel adding a salt water wash once a week from here on out (once infection clears) will really keep the skin healthy and glowing and still naturally “clean”. For those who find their skin is just *too* oily/nasty feeling when starting this regimen, you could try to do salt water wash but I can’t vouch on how this would work. However, had I been doing this from time to time during the first month, I may have avoided myself an infection from the big purge breakout. 


Will update in another week or so. In case anyone is curious, I have been doing 1/2 teaspoon sea salt (or any non iodized salt) per 1 cup of water. Boil, covered for 15 min. Let cool and use for washing face.


Let me know if this has/is working for you as well! courage and positivity \ /



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