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Day 11


So it's day 11 and I fell asleep with my makeup on last night (I'm talking primer, foundation, powder, and highlight-so my face was pretty caked)...woke up to a couple new pimples and crackly skin visible under my makeup..felt terrible! Feels like I just ruined all my progress so that's a tad disheartening. Debating a face mask tonight ur DJ  that's a good idea on accutane. Lips haven't been too dry so that's good. Popped a bunch of pimples that seemed ready and were lingering and also squeezed a couple of those little tiny bumps I have all over my face and this gel-like substance came out. Not what usually comes out when you pop a pimple, more like an off white, almost grey. Weird and useless. Now I just at have open red irritated pores on my face and I have a date to go to the leafs and with my bf so I wanted to look good *sigh*. 

On 40mg now, been debating whether to go up to 60mg for month two. Only reason I'm hesitant is I don't want to have another breakout from upping the dose. However, if it'll help me in the long run I think I'll do it. 

I know now it's still incredibly early but I just want results already! I hate waiting, especially on something that might not even happen :(


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