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My Decrepit Skin



Good morning Starshine! The Earth says hello!
You know what's fun? Adult acne... NOT.  I have no idea how many accounts I have made on this website and how many logs I have made battling my various acne chronicles (I have forgotten all of the passwords and email addresses from said accounts in the past.  I have a feeling that the email account [email protected] no longer exists.)
Long story short, had acne sine a teenager.  Lots o' topicals (which did shit), antibiotics, three (yes that's a big old three) rounds of accutane still haven't knocked my acne out.  I'm 26, going to 27 now.  This shit must die.
I'm pretty sure the root cause of my acne is my pores getting clogged into little black and whiteheads (and just tiny white bumps in general).  This will happen over the course of a few months (especially around my mouth and forehead) and then they allllllll decide to come to the surface and turn into pustules, and I essentially look as if I have contracted leprosy.  Now, a few years back (I was maybe 23? 22?) I got these bumps on mu forehead.  Doc gave me a prescription for the topical Tactuo (which is an Adapalene/Benzo combo) and it cleared out my forehead wonderfully.   First topical I used that actually worked.  Wish I would have gone on THAT in my teen years instead of accutane three times (my poor, poor night vision has suffered terribly from it.  Although if that's the worst longterm side effect of the potent, potent accutane, I came away all right, me thinks.)  Anywho, I stopped using it after my forehead cleared, and my forehead has stayed more or less clear (at least, free of bumps).
Fast forward to six or so months ago, when I moved into a new home with extremely hard well water.  For some reason, ever since then, my skin has gone haywire.  White bumps galore all around my mouth.  That area actually managed to stay pretty nice and clear up till now, so i can't be a coincidence.  I am finally sick of it, so I am beginning to apply my leftover Tactuo to that area (as well as around my hairline, where I keep also getting clogged pores.)  This shit is still potent as ever, even after almost four years, so I know it is working. I have also began several other things in my skincare routine, which I will babble on about at great length another entry.  But so far, thins seem to be working.  The endless bumps are beginning to exit in their typical, grotesque fashion of becoming a big, fat zit, becoming a scab, and then leaving me with a lovely red mark that will last at least a month.  It is just very frustrating that the skin has to get worse before it gets better, but I have learned to accept that, this being my fifth go-round of such an occurrence.  



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