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It all comes down to healing from the inside, hopefully



The other day I logged in and browsed the forum as I always did, and I suddenly noticed that my membership status changed from "member" to "veteran." Wow. It has been five months since I joined this community, and I've gone through a long difficult journey. 
I still have acne. Unfortunately everything that I have tried so far - birth control, dairy elimination, and BP - the one that gave me so much pain and cost me so much money and time - did not work by themselves. However, I have to keep trying. I am not going to settle with crappy skin. Now I do believe that acne reflects malfunction of organs inside of my body. I cannot ignore the signals that my body has been sending to me. I need to listen to my body and figure out what is wrong. 
I saw a number of holistic personnels this past month. One thing that all of them pointed out for me was that there may be chronic inflammation inside of my body, due to high stress level (breakup, internship application, grad school application and simply getting around with a pizza face - of course), unsuitable diet and lack of good sleep. It probably has little to do with my facial routine, because I have been washing my face with a gentle cleanser all along, and have been using moisturizer and sun protection religiously. My skin just felt abnormally oily seeing the past year for no reason, or in other words, for reasons that I did not know.
A doctor gave me a list of foods that I should not eat anymore. Lo and behold, dairy is only a small part of it. I saw chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp, ginger, garlic, scallion, leek, curry, mango, coconut... mostly foods that I've always enjoyed. It made no sense at the beginning, but the more i think about it, the more reasonable it seems - my body simply does not tolerate those foods. Even though I never eat junk foods, those seeming harmless, even healthy foods can cause inflammation inside my body, which inevitably shows up on my face. My acne kept coming during this past year, because I've been eating those foods literally every single day. How could I not have? I love going to the gym and making my own healthy meals. Those "healthy" meals were constantly irritating my gut. How could my face looked so bad even after I quit dairy and so many desserts that i used to love? Well I guess that explains it. 
So here comes my new regimen:
Eliminate all foods that were possibly causing the inflammation in my gut: tropical fruits, shellfish, chicken, beef, lamb, dairy, any processed food, hot spices, alcohol, coffee
Take turmeric and l-lysine on a daily basis - those two are great anti-inflammatory supplements
Eat a lot of leafy greens for breakfast and lunch, use only salt, soy sauce and a little bit of olive oil when cooking, no other spices
Eat a lot of grains and beans to increase fiber intake - basically replace all simple carbs with porridge packed with fibers
Snack on bananas, apples and berries instead of crackers, cakes and well, basically everything I used to love
Drink a lot of water
Sleep for at least 8 hours a day
Workout at least 5 times a week in the morning
Try to stay positive and relaxed - high stress level may further mess with my already-wrecked hormones

I've been adhering to this regimen for about 5 days now. I do feel that my skin has calmed down a bit, and that my body feels really light and healthy. I do not miss feasting on a ton of meat at all. Leafy greens do not taste that bad. I really hope that healing from the inside will work for me. Will keep updating. 


Glad to hear that you are getting some positive feedback from your body. I am also documenting my natural, healthy journey and can not wait to see results. Make sure you eat a lot of berries (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries) as they are good at fighting free radicals in the body. I too, will be taking L-Lysine every day to fight inflammation. Also, i take a fish oil pill after every workout as it is beneficial to the heart and high in omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamins C,D,and E are very good for your skin; therefore, i would try increasing your intake on those whether through a pill, or just by eating foods high in them. 
Good luck on your journey - I will definitely follow along with you!    -Ryan

And wow... i just realized you were the one who commented on my blog, telling me about L-Lysine lol :smileys_n_people_34:

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good luck on your journey and thanks for sharing!. I would highly recommend nettle and raspberry leaves tea( they sold at high end markets, by weight, well it depends where you live)they normalize hormones which we women really need in our daily life(flaxseed oil fight inflammation super!)

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