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End of week 1: Differin/Acne Battle



Yesterday was the end of week one.  And I am thoroughly impressed.  But also a little anxious. 
My skin almost had no peeling or flaking like a lot of people say they have.  I do admit however, that around that zit on my chin it did flake for two days.  New zits would come up, linger for a day or a day and a half, and then disappear.  I really tried not to pick at my face this week but I gave into temptation two times but the zits that I popped were completely none-existent the day after I popped them.   My skin seems to be healing very quickly but also zits seem to be coming up sooner (which is what differin is supposed to do). Overall, I am extremely happy with what all of the acne soaps and medication is doing to my face.  Its been so long since my face has looked this good!

However, it is also making me a little nervous.  Week one went so well . . . will my face definitely get worse from here? You know, have an initial breakout?  TMI - whenever I ovulate my acne gets really bad and according to my charts that is coming up in a few days . . . I wonder how my face will handle that. 
Here are my end of week one pictures!




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I would highly advise to drink herbal teas to normalize hormones and blood sugar level.  Nettle and raspberry leaves tea is aMazing!(equal parts of each) make like tea and drink through out the day.. To make sugar even, add pinch of cinnamon every time you drink water.

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