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diane 35 diary beginning



Hello^_^, I am a 17 yo girl who fights acne. i began to had acne when I was 15. i have mild acne, especially on the T zone and apple cheeks. Sometimes my face looking ok but sometimes I have few cyst or undergrowth red bumps(hate them!!) and it affects my mood a lot and I don't wanna go out (although I am a very social person:smileys_n_people_40:) this is ruining my life!!! Body skin is clear, sometimes 1-3 pimples on the chest. Because I have tried so many things and my acne usually flare up before and during the period, i decided to take diane 35 to remove this acne completely(in my country you can take it for a very long time if your under the risk group).:smileys_n_people_107:

Treatments I have used in the past:

Benzamycin Topical Gal: helped curing pimples fast, still got breakout and didnt work for the long term.
Exposed skin care kit: Had high hopes about that. stopped after 2 months because their was no improvement.( although the products are very gentle and their acne treatment serum heals pimples fast).
Differin and Clindsmycim:  differin cream in the night and clindamycin gel in the morning. been using it for 13 weeks. differin helped a lot in fading red marks, helped with bumps but still breakout(I am going to continue with that while diane 35 BC pills).

Started taken diane 35 11 days ago, I am gonna update almost every day how is my skin. please share your acne stories with dianeette and when u stated seeing improvements.

Chin- clearing up, 2 whiteheads and red marks.
Apple cheeks- A little flare up. huge bunch of red bumps in the same place and healing pimples. on the other cheek 2 whiteheads and few red bumps.
Forehead-  tiny red bumps.

(My mane problem is the apple cheeks as you see. want to get reed of the acne there.)>:(


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Chin- Almost clear, one red bump, one tiny pimple.
cheeks- The huge red bump(few little bumps together) is starting to have whiteheads, one whitehead is gone. on the other cheek I popped the 2 whiteheads(couldn't stop myself:smileys_n_people_8:) and one new little whitehead near them.
Forehead- No change, still tiny red bumps.

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Chin- the underground red bump got bigger and going to become a pimple.
Cheeks- slight improvement, red marks and 3 healing pimples, the huge bump is getting dry and smaller.
Forehead- a little breakout, nothing too serious. Almost no change

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Red marks are fading!!! (Differin Is doing a great job in fading marks!)
Almost no side effects from Diane 35, only a bigger appetite....
Chin- almost clear, few tiny pimples.
Cheeks- still breaking out, but mostly red bumps and less white heads cyicts... Still have acne scaring...
forehead- slight improvement, less spots.

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Now I'm starting the second pack. The 7 day break was a good week for my skin. I'm actually not so sure if the differin cream started to prevent breakouts ( in on month 4 on differin and didn't see big improvements after 3 months) but this and the clindamycin helped a lot with the initial breakout in first month! 

Chin- only one healing spot!
Cheeks- One underground spot from 2 weeks ago:\ one healing spot. Other cheek only one spot and few red marks!
Forehead - Still getting small bumps and few small pimples.

SKIN is starting to Improve. Hope I finished with the initial breakout.

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As u have tried Diane already. Wanna ask you if it has cleared your acne completely & did it return after getting cured with treatment again? Waiting foryour answer. Thanks :) 

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