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Two (and a half) Week Update



Hi all! Two and half weeks into my new lifestyle shift. The goal has been for these changes to improve my acne and overall skin texture. 

A few changes/notes:
- I haven't been 100% consistent with any of this, so the "scientific validity" of all of my trials and errors should be taken with that in mind. 
- I haven't been taking the turmeric supplement, but I have been taking 2000 iU of Vitamin D3  in addition to the zinc, black currant oil, evening primrose oil, and flaxseed oil. 
- I'm still working out/sweating more than I was previously, but not the full 3-5 days/week 
 - I've totally abstained from alcohol so far
- I've only been using BP once per day, at night, and I've switched to a Neutrogena cleanser with Salicyclic Acid. I've also been using the Eucerin face lotion with urea to spot treat areas that are particularly dry from the acne treatments. 
- I've aimed for minimal gluten and dairy, though definitely haven't been 100%. 

Thoughts so far:
- My skin texture is so much better after only using the BP 1x/day. Less flakiness. Also, the new Eucerin moisturizer works wonders and doesn't seem to be giving me any adverse effects. 
- The BHA face wash seemed to bring some under-the-surface blemishes to a head, so my skin looked pretty bad for a few days. But I do notice that my skin heals faster with the BHA cleanser and only once/day BP treatment. 
- The cystic acne on my chin appears to be improving. 
- I think the Vitamin D might be helping, even after only a few consistent days 
 - Kinda related: My hair, which was falling out in big handfuls and constantly shedding/clogging up the drain with. huge lumps of hair daily (like walnut sized), has miraculously stopped. My hair feels healthier and thicker, though it's still a little soon to be overly optimistic. 

Thats all for now! I'm going to continue with the same general routine. I'm going to also continue limiting gluten and avoiding dairy as much as possible. Will update in a weeks. 


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