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So since my last blog not much has changed. Another spot has developed, again around my mouth and again, really bloody painful. I actually did exactly what I said I wouldn't do and popped it, I managed to not damage the skin and oh my god the relief, no more pain. So thats healing nicely, my lovely niece scratched me and so have a red mark on my chin from that. The only other spot I have is one right under my eye but its literally a red mark. 
The rash I spoke about around my mouth has cleared... i don't want to jinx that because its literally lingered for such a long time but I've been using Nobles Zinc soap on it and left it on whilst I shave my legs etc and thats seeming to help!

I saw my derm today for a follow up app, although it hasn't been exactly 2 months I wasn't able to see him any later! He didn't really comment on my skin and just asked how I felt things were going. I said things were fine but I didn't think things were progressing as fast as they were with my previous course. He basically said he will keep me on 20mg a day but if after the first month I wanted to bump it up to 40mg then to just give him a call and he would send a prescription for an extra dose. He didn't really say anything apart from that, ,I did mention the rash around my mouth but he couldn't see it, I think because the Zinc soap was helping. He did say that zinc was an anti bacterial so maybe thats why, I personally think its perioral dermatitis. 

In about 12 days will be my 2 month mark and he said that is the month that makes the difference, and according to my posts from my previous course that is when I was clear by...


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