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Day 36 (Water Only)



Hey everyone,


So I kind of broke the rule last night. Kinda sorta, but not with chemicals… with honey. I’ll explain:


The area I got a major purge in was clearing up quick but all of a sudden about a week ago it really started to slow down compared to the initial rapid clearing I saw the first few weeks. I woke up with a sore in my nose a couple days ago, and within the past few days to a week the breakout area seems to be itching more, not going away fast, and reddening. This really freaked me out because I got a staph infection in my acne a couple years ago that started exactly the same way but went undiagnosed as just “bad acne” for two months before the doctors clued in. I had assured them it felt way different than my normal acne. Anyways, as disheartening as this is, I got the tell tale signs again and yesterday I slept with Manuka Honey (natural antibiotic- this stuff is amazing do some research on it) on the area of my breakout to help kill whatever wants to start a home there. 


I’m super upset If I have to break the cycle, as I went to the doctor today and was prescribed topical antibiotics. I may or may not have to use a cleanser if ill be applying topical antibiotics. I noticed improvement over night from the honey so will try again tonight and switch to the antibiotics if i really have to. I hate the medical world, antibiotics are horrible on the body not to mention creating resistant strains that lead to people getting these staph infections, but sometimes you cant play around. I guess maybe my nose was carrying the bacteria around waiting to pounce on a good breakout. I am still left with horrible scarring from last time i got the infection, and i cant let that happen again. Last time was so mentally painful, I hardly left the house except for work, It totally killed my self confidence. If you think acne sucks, battling a staph infection IN your acne is something else.. I hope none of you ever have to go through that. I felt the need to put this out there because if you find your skin is changing, or something doesn't feel quite right, its important to keep an eye on it before it gets out of control. Itching/redness is usually the start and a fever is a sign the infection has set in.


Don’t let this scare you, I have a feeling I just ended up being more susceptible cause its happened in the past. I really wouldn't attribute it to the regimen, rather my body's immune being lower than usual due to the past experience and perhaps Im still a "carrier" of it. The other areas of my face remain relatively clear, couple blackheads here and there but overall I am so happy with the progress. I did a “essential oil steam” for 20 min on my face a few nights ago (who knows maybe this caused something?) before the shower but i was pretty happy with the results after cause it ended up getting rid of whatever “nubs” I had left on the forehead. Other than scarring, my forehead is now relatively smooth and clear! 


Ill check back in again sometime soon to update you all whether I can stick with the regimen presently or not.

**update: I decided to start the topical antibiotics today cause i don't want to play around with this. I think ill have to be washing my face with some sort of soap during this time but I will absolutely be continuing with water only once this is cleared up because my face has remained quite clear all in all from this regimen, other than my purge breakout getting infected. Sucks, but its life. Once the infection is gone completely I will be doing water only so I'll check back in for that in a couple weeks. I do still highly recommend the regimen because I rarely heard of this happening to other people and I definitely saw a positive difference with it. Skin tone ever out to normal, my oil is almost non existent now and areas remain clear from new pimples. 


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